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Cultic hiking through the World Heritage

You have the choice! Under “Cultic hiking through the world heritage” you can choose between various categories:

1. Our suggestions for your excursion
This category provides you with a choice of nine (9) hiking routes for your excursion to Rüdesheim. Choose your favourite and read a detailed route description with the most important additional information.
We thank the RÜD AG and the hotel Rheinstein in Rüdesheim am Rhein (www.rheinstein-ruedesheim.de) for the elaboration of the hiking routes.
2. See and get to know more with our tour guides
Internet page www.gaestebegleiter.de
A qualified team gives you an understanding of the nicest and most many-sided man-made landscapes of Germany; the region Rheingau-Taunus.
The Rheingau-Taunus tour guides arrange programmes, e.g. for works outings, club excursions, group and individual travelling, conferences and seminars.

You receive all information on prices, contact possibilities for coach & ship’s tours, hikes, sight-seeing tours, subject guidance, and wine tastings at the Internet address www.gaestebegleiter.de

3. Hiking with the Rhein- and Taunusklub Rüdesheim/Geisenheim
The rambling club “Rhein- und Taunusklub Rüdesheim / Geisenheim” organizes hikes that are publicized in an annual schedule before the beginning of the hiking year. Besides, each hike is announced well on time by indicating the meeting place, decampment/departure, duration and return. Guest hikers are always welcome.
For further information regarding the course and the forthcoming appointments, the Chairman of the rambling club Rhein- und Taunusklub Rüdesheim / Geisenheim, Mr. Martin Lüdke is at your disposal under telephone number ++49-6723 – 5227.
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