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Hiking through the UNESCO World Heritage

Here you find an accumulation of walking routes for your excursion.
We thank the RÜD AG and the hotel Rheinstein in Rüdesheim am Rhein (www.rheinstein-ruedesheim.de) for the elaboration of the walking routes.

01. From Ruedesheim to the Niederwald to Assmannshausen
Ruedesheim - Niederwald - Assmannshausen – Ruedesheim
02. Loop hiking trail at the glider port
glider port – Eiserne Hand (iron hand) - chamber forest - Teufelskad-
03. Walking in the Ruedesheim Rhine arrangements
Rhine arrangements - sports harbour - Geisenheim cathedral place -
wine positions
04. Ernstbachtal - European hiking trail and Gebueck hiking trail
forester's house Weißenturm / Presberg - chamber castle / Wispertal
05. On the Rhine steep path from Ruedesheim to Oestrich
back with the ORN bus
06. With the ship from Ruedesheim to Lorch
walk back about the Rhine steep path of Lorch
07. The Brahms way

Castle Brömser - Wine positions Rottland / Bishops Mountain - curtain

08. Rhine steep path

footpath which follows approx. 320 km the middle Rhine Valley...

09. On the traces of holy Hildegard

Marketplace – Rebstockfenster (vine window) - parish church - abbey
Saint Hildegard

10. Assmannshausen - route 1

Assmannshausen - Hoellenberg - Bacharacher Kopf - Aulhausen

11. Assmannshausen - route 2

Assmannshausen - Bodenthal - Lorch (way back with the train)

12. Hike about the Rhine footpath to Kaub

With the boat from Rüdesheim to Lorch – hike about the Rhine foot-
path to Kaub and with the train back to Rüdesheim

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