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Bad Sobernheim (bare-footed path)

The bare-footed path in Bad Sobernheim belongs to the most popular destinations at the Nahe. The first and only 3,500-m-long bare-footed path in Bad Sobernheim is a nature-orientated experience for the young and the young at heart.

The way begins at the loam stomp basin. The wholesome coolness of the loam refreshes tired and heavy legs. About different skill courses and playgrounds you arrive at the Nahe ford. Here you can cross the Nahe along two cords. An unforgettable adventure for all visitors. Walk bare-footed across the nature.

Already the known loam pastor Emanuel Felke has advised his patients to walk bare-footed. The different ground materials of the loop road work as a mild stimulation therapy. Like a foot reflex zones massage grass, loam, sand, stones and bark mulch stimulate the whole organism.

On the other side it goes back along the Nahe again. At several places gravel benches invite to stay in the stream course and to be the nature quite near. About the longest, 40-m-long suspension bridge of Germany the visitors reach like Indiana Jones the other shore, or you quite simply take the dinghy. At the foot washing-bay you can wash your feet. The loop road is a nature-orientated family experience park and enjoys great popularity. You can deposit shoes, towels and other things at the entrance in a locker.

Bare-footed path Bad Sobernheim:
Daily open from the 01st May to the 03rd October from 9.00 to 20.00 o'clock. Registrations are not necessary - also for groups. You receive tickets also in advance against invoice. - Dogs are not permitted -

Adults 2.50 €, children and youngsters 1.50 €, groups from 25 persons 1.50 € / persons, annual ticket 8.00 €, family annual ticket (2 adults and children) 18.00 €

Further Information:
Kur- und Touristinformation
Bad Sobernheim, Bahnhofstr. 4,
55566 Bad Sobernheim
Phone: +49 6751 81 241 / Email: touristinfo@bad-sobernheim.de

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