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The Limes

Whether Ruedesheim was already settled in the Roman's time cannot be proved certainly. However proved is that from the kitty-cornered Romans base Bingen the climatic preferred south slopes all around Ruedesheim were used for the wine-growing and the agriculture. By excavations in the vineyards of Ruedesheim archaeologists could prove that the found vine nick knives and other tools came unambiguously from the Romans time and were used in the Roman wine-growing. Foundation leftovers which were found at construction work in the sixties and in the nineties of the last century at Ruedesheim are also of Roman origin. However, after the circumference of the findings it concerned only economic building. A Roman estate, a so-called ”villa rustica” could not be proved. Therefore, after the Romans the finding place got the street name "Am Römerhang".

Not far from Ruedesheim there is the Unesco world heritage site Obergermanisch-Raetischer Limes. This Limes (in Latin limites for: Border way, border, border embankment) protected between 85 and 260 AD for about 175 years the cultured world from Roman view (and the Roman provinces Raetien [Provincia Raetia] and Obergermanien [Provincia Germania superior]) against the barbarian sphere, the world of the Teutons. Between the Border Rivers Rhine (from Rheinbrohl near Bad Hönningen) and the Danube (to Bad Gögging near Regensburg) these locking arrangements stretched more than 550-km length and formed with the forts (soldier's accommodations) a supervision possibility which admitted the trade, but canalised the immigration. In the closer surroundings of Ruedesheim the Limes allures to one or several excursions / visits from Holzhausen auf der Haide to Heidenrod Kemel, Taunusstein-Orlen and Idstein-Heftrich up to the fort Saalburg near Bad Homburg that was already rebuilt more than hundred years ago. The Limes is a part of the Roman imperial border as well as the world heritage site Hadrianswall between England and Scotland or similar archaeological finding sites in the Near East and North Africa.

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