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Mainz belongs to the oldest cities of Germany. In about 35 minutes you can experience history from Ruedesheim by train or by the car very closely - from the Romans up to French revolution. Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of the letterpress with agile letters, was here at home, and still today you can admire in the Mainz Gutenberg's museum two copies of the famous Gutenberg's Bible.

You should include in the plan for a Mainz trip already a whole day to be able to enjoy the multi-layered Mainz art scene and cultural scene in the museums and on the stages.

Only the famous Chagall windows in the church Saint Stephan pull every year more than 200,000 visitors from all over the world. The museum for antique ship journey with the issued military ship of the Roman Rhine fleet and antique ship wrecks is very worth seeing or, however, the city-historical museum where you can admire the exhibit numerous of the rich city history of the Roman roots as a legion camp up to today's capital.

Allow yourselves a break and saunter by the affectionately restored Old Town with its half-timbered houses or take pleasure at the Mediterranean seeming weekly market around the mighty cathedral St. Martin.

Other places of interest:
Landesmuseum Mainz, Roman-Germanic central museum, Kupferberg-museum (copper mountain museum), Episcopal cathedral and diocesan museum, museum Castellum, state theatre, rococo church Saint Peter, Augustinian's church, Saint Ignaz.

Tips for kids:
Shrove Tuesday museum, printing to historical pressing in the Gutenberg museum, guidance through the ZDF-broadcasting centre.

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