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  Middle Rhine Valley
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Day trip to Oberwesel

Go by the ship approx. 80 minutes to Oberwesel.

From the numerous age-grey small towns which line up themselves in the valley of the Middle Rhine on narrow bank hemline no one else shows such a full impression, still completely controlled from the Middle Ages townscape like Oberwesel.
Even today the churches and cloister ruins can provide a picture for us which big meaning churches and clerics had in the middle Ages for the people in the "free imperial city”.

The "Rote Kirche" (red church) of the Liebfrauen monastery is especially worth seeing. You should visit the “Rote Kirche” at first because of the early sunrays on the windows which are directed to the east.

It was built at the beginning of 14-th century in the style of the high-level Gothic. The choir as a liturgical space of mostly noble monastery men is separated by the choir screen, a jewel of Gothic tracery work of the long house, while the "commonality" prayed.

The high altar - golden altar - is one of the earliest and most valuable piece altars of Rhineland. The mighty baroque organ was built in 1740-1745 by master Eberhardt and was complemented later several times.

Afterwards you do a city walk and the medieval city fortification with her many towers offers to you a lot of interesting. A big part of the about 3 km long city wall is passable and you can enjoy from the wall crown the view of the Rhine. Free from giddiness ones may also mount one of 16 of originally 21 military towers along the city wall.

High about the city lays the Schönburg, one of the oldest strongholds in the Rhine Valley. Its history lets trace itself back till 12-th century. In a visit (about 45 minutes on foot uphill) you enjoy the wide view about the Rhine Valley or the good kitchen and excellent wine of the Schlosshotel.

Back to Ruedesheim it goes again by the ship approx. 130 minutes.

This purpose is also to be reached well by bicycle: You go by the Rhine ferry to Bingen and drive 25 km to Oberwesel. Back to Ruedesheim it goes again by bicycle, with the train to Bingen or with the ship approx. 130 minutes.

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