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  Middle Rhine Valley
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Day trip to the Loreley

Experience one of the most famous and most mythical places of the German Rhine romanticism.

The legendary slate rock rises almost vertically about the Rhine Valley and lies 193.14 m above sea level. From the bank parking bay on the foot of the rock a stair way leads up to the plateau. Rocky cliffs and maelstrom did the way through for ships and fin to a reckless adventure in the Loreley till 19-th century. Here the Rhine crowded together to its most narrow and the deepest place.

You experience most nicely the Loreley on a ship tour with one of the known Rhine ship journey societies. The tour from Ruedesheim and back lasts approx. 5 hours. But also by the car you can reach the hill from St. Goarshausen through the Loreley-Burgen-Straßen and the romantic Forstbachtal.

Visit absolutely also the modernised visitor's centre of the Loreley which provides a varied insight about the region middle Rhine Valley and the history of the Loreley for you.

The opening times are from the 30th March to the 31st October, daily from 10:00 - 17:00 o'clock. Also suitable for children and wheelchair drivers.

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