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Bacharach lies 32 kilometres or 40 auto minutes remote of Ruedesheim on the right side of the Rhine. A wonderful destination for one half a day should include in the plan.

The French romantic Viktor Hugo described in the 19-th century Bacharach as one of the "nicest cities of the world ". And still today the city enchants with its rich continuance of half-timbered facades, under it the old post court with its splendid inner courtyard and the old house of 1568 on the marketplace. Bacharach was mentioned in the year 871 for the first time in a document. Bacharach owes his call to its wine-growing and wine trade. Already in the middle Ages the city had world-wide reputation as a main depository for Middle Rhine wines, Nahe wines and Rheingau wines and belonged to the best known wine places. The medieval townscape with the old city fortification, castle Stahleck (one of the nicest youth hostels in the Rhine Valley), the Gothic Werner's chapel, as well as the ruin Stahlberg in the district of Steeg exercised a strong attraction on travellers quite early. A vast footpath net, ship journeys on the Rhine, wine tests, comfortable restaurants and hotels provide a diverse offer of rest and relaxation to the guests.

Places of interest:
Old house; marketplace; Werner's chapel; old post court; Protestant Church Saint Peter; castle Stahleck; duty court with Catholic Church Saint Nikolaus; Kurpfälzische Münze (former Mint institution); Kurpfälzer Amtskeller (now city hall); a great extent preserved city fortification (curtain wall and towers); numerous picturesque half-timbered houses in Bacharach and district of Steeg; Protestant Church Saint Anna in Steeg; castle ruin Stahlberg in Steeg; Römerstraße in the district "Kühlberg".

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