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Boosenburg (castle Boosen)

The Boosenburg, a Romanesque donjon, lies in immediate nearness to the Brömserburg. It has been built like this beyond the curtain wall and had an own moat which were overarched later and now can be used as a cellar.

The forms of the donjon with the relocated upper floors gather from the fact that it has been built in the 9-th century. The “foxes” of Ruedesheim count as builder-owners. A double grave of this knight's gender is still held up in the parish church Saint Jakob. The gender of the “foxes” became extinct early, and thus the castle received the name of the heirs “der Boos von Waldeck”.

With his 38 metres the tower of the Boosenburg towers above all the other buildings of the city. In 1872/73 a neo-Gothic dwelling house was established beside the tower.

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