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Brömserburg (castle Brömser)

The Brömserburg which lay in old times immediately beyond the curtain wall on the Rhine was surrounded earlier completely by water. She was called originally Niederburg and had been established by the sovereigns, the electors of Mainz, as a customs office. After the customs office had been moved to the castle Ehrenfels, the Brömserburg lost its meaning and was converted into a residential castle. Till the beginning of the 19-th century it remained in the possession of the archbishops of Mainz.

Today the castle is in urban possession. At the moment it contains still an interesting wine museum with extensive collections of vineyard and cellar devices, glasses, bottle equipment and excavation findings from historical times. Goethe has visited on his trip to the Rochusfest Ruedesheim and the Brömserburg which he calls a Roman fort and has described this visit in his travel report '”das Sankt-Rochus-Fest zu Bingen”.

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