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The temple on the Niederwald

It was Karl Maximilian Graf of Ostein who formed „the ample Niederwald to a great park" in 1788 under the influence of the romantic spirit of the times. Part of this park artwork according to English model was the temple from which the famous English author Edward George Bulwer-Lytton allows to say in his novel "Die Pilger des Rheins" ecstatically, " that... Temple ... controls one of the nicest views of earth! ". Goethe was seized "from the beauty of the exceedingly splendid Rheingau" when he looked of the temple in the Rhine scenery.

Many significant personalities of the romanticism, like Clemens von Brentano, Achim von Arnim, Friedrich von Schlegel, also young Ludwig van Beethoven, Johannes Brahms or Ferdinand Freiligrath have stayed in the temple. The row of those which could be found here at this wide-praised place can be continued even further. The temple was completely destroyed in November, 1944 with an air raid on Ruedesheim.

To rebuild this temple the „Förderverein Wiederaufbau Niederwaldtempel” has sat down to the purpose. On the 14th November, 2005 the first spavin sting occurred. On the 5th June, 2006 the temple on the Niederwald was initiated anew.

Everybody can support this association by entry (dues 36.00 € / year) or donations. Tax-deductible allowance confirmations can be issued. Donation account: No. 10181518 at Rheingauer Volksbank Rürdesheim on the Rhine, bank code number 51091500.

Who is interested in the temple and its history closer, is able to aquire from the association the pamphlet "Der Tempel auf dem Niederwald über Rüdesheim am Rhein - Die Geschichte eines Kulturdenkmals und die Bemühungen um seine Wiederherstellung" against payment of 4.00 €.

Please, turn to the association board of director Mr. Werner Bürk, Tel.:0049-6722/406340, fax: 0049-6722/406341.
More Information in the Internet: www.ruedesheim.de
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