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The monument on the Niederwald: “Die Germania”

Two gigantic angel figures carry wings. The figure on the monument, the Germania, which stretches itself up has wings, and even the blowing hair of the Germania looks wing-like. Only the weight of the 640-hundredweight-lady prevents that the monument rises in the winds.

In the Niederwald above the city Ruedesheim on the Rhine the Niederwalddenkmal, often just called "Germania", also stands even today. Emperor Wilhelm I laid the foundation-stone to this monument on the 16th September, 1877. Finally it was initiated on the 28th September, 1883.

Emperor Wilhelm I and all princes of the united empire had arrived personally to be present at the ceremony. The inauguration took place with flowing out rain which sopped all guests hard. Also the fuse of a bomb became useless with which anarchists wanted to commit an attempt on the emperor. Thus everything remained unscathed, the bomb, the emperor with his suite and also the Germania on her mighty wing armchair. To three assassins it went out there worse: They were caught; two of them were executed and the third were condemned to life imprisonment.

For the development of the tourism of the city Ruedesheim at the beginning of this century the Niederwalddenkmal has performed absolutely a big contribution. Still today many people visit the Niederwald in the vacation times every single day.

More Information in the Internet: www.ruedesheim.de
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