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The Rossel

The Rossel, an artificial ruin on the highest elevation of the Niederwald, was established in 1774 by the count Ostein. A round stair tower leads to a spacious platform which opens a magnificent view of the Nahe mouth and the Binger Loch (Binger hole).

The Rossel belongs to an “experience park” which Ostein established on the Niederwald. You can reach it easily if you use a footpath from the Niederwalddenkmal. The footpath goes on the right in the Adlerwarte (eagle vantage point). (However, the stair tower is not opened continuously. Hence, it is advisable to ask the opening times).

Approach with the Rossel there lies the magic cave, an about 60 metres long built artificial cave which leads by reflecting glass and pebble lining to a dome-overcast rotunda. From there effective views of the other Rhine side come up to the castle Rheinstein and on the Clemenskapelle (Clemens chapel) with Trechtingshausen.

More Information in the Internet: www.ruedesheim.de
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