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Ruin Ehrenfels

The castle Ehrenfels was built in 1208-1220 by the order of the Mainz archbishop Siegfried II. You can control from it the dangerous Rhine narrowness, the “Binger Loch” (Binger hole). 1239 the Rhine duty was moved by the Niederburg at Ruedesheim to the Ehrenfels.

At times it was also used as a 'safe deposit' of the Mainz archbishopric. He kept relics and other treasure in it. 1689 the castle was burnt down in the Palatine war of succession by French troops on order of the marshal d'Huxelles.

Pleasant footpaths lead from Ruedesheim, Assmannshausen and also from the Niederwalddenkmal to the castle ruins.

On the northwest side of the castle is a wall on a ledge from which you can wonderfully observe the ship traffic on the Rhine and feel almost like a medieval duty guard.

More Information in the Internet: www.ruedesheim.de
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