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Assmannshausen with the “Höllenberg” (infernal mountain)

Assmannshausen, as a world-famous 'red wine municipality' an enclave.

On the sound skew ground the late Burgundian prospers admirably. Above all, the vineyard position “Höllenberg” is called with the red late Burgundian with pleasure in a breath. Also Goethe appreciated the red Assmannshäuser.

Along the Rhine a long chain of inns with the famous “Krone” (crown) in her middle offers to the guest an opportunity to convince itself of the goodness of the 'red'. The parish church for the cross rise accommodates a representation of the death Mariens from the 15-th century on her altarpiece.

In 1842 the dried medicinal springs were exposed again and were still used in the last century for cures with articular gout and rheumatism. The mineral water from Assmannshausen was known as an Ass-well widely.

More Information in the Internet: www.ruedesheim.de
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Ferdinand Freiligrath
Die "Krone"
Der Mäuseturm
Die Ruine Ehrenfels
Die "Rossel"
Die Adlerwarte
Brentano / v. Arnim
Johannes Brahms
Die Brömserburg
Die Boosenburg
Der Klunkhardtshof
Der Brömserhof
Die Drosselgasse
St. Jakobus
Der Adlerturm
J. W. von Goethe
Abtei St. Hildegard
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